The order issued in Lhoka Tsethang city bans enrollment in workshops and religious classes, sources say.

New Self-Immolations, Protest Reported in Sichuan’s Ngaba

Two young Tibetans set themselves ablaze while another stages a solo protest calling for Tibetan freedom.

Tibet Reciprocity Act Passes in the US Congress

When signed into law, the bill will deny visas to Chinese officials responsible for blocking US journalists and diplomats from travel in Tibet.

Tibetan Man in Ngaba Stages Self-Immolation Protest

Fate of Drugkho, the 155th confirmed self-immolation in Tibet since 2008, is unknown as Chinese police clamp down on Ngaba County.

Tibetan Temple Under Strict Chinese Government Surveillance During Religious Festival

Worshipers brave large-scale police presence at Lhasa’s Jokhang Temple during Gaden Nga Choe

Flooding on Tibet's Drichu River Submerges Monastery in Chamdo

The Polu monastery must now be rebuilt, local Tibetans say.

Tibetan Residents of Gansu Protest Water Diversion Scheme

The plan will send river water from one township to another, with authorities threatening to arrest anyone opposed.

Tibetan Man Burns to Death in New Ngaba Protest

Dopo, 23, calls out for the long life of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama in the second self-immolation this year.

Karmapa Portrait Displayed at Tibetan Prayer Gathering in Qinghai

Thousands venerate the portrait of the exiled religious leader, who escaped from Tibet almost 20 years ago.

China Trains Tibetan Monks as 'Cheerleaders' For The State: Report

Monks must be proficient in religion and 'politically reliable,' Chinese authorities say.

Dalai Lama’s Top Diplomat Lodi Gyari Dies at 69

Lodi Gyari helped bring Tibet's cause to world attention, and led talks with China on Tibet's status from 2002 to 2010.

China Bans Major Prayer Festival in Larung Gar for Third Consecutive Year

Visitors barred from entering Buddhist institute during during annual Dechen Shingdrup festival.

Tibetans in Gansu Protest Lack of Compensation for Livestock Loss

Many had sold all the animals they had under government orders to reduce their herds.

Tibetan Land Protesters Attacked, Beaten in Qinghai

Chinese workers assault them when they try to block work on a project causing damage to local grassland.

Tibetan Villagers Forced From Their Homes in Chamdo's Gonjo County

They must move to make way for an electric power plant and Chinese mining projects.

US Congress Passes Bill on Reciprocal Travel to Tibet

If China wants its citizens and officials to continue to travel freely in the U.S., then Americans must be able to travel freely in Tibet, one of the act’s sponsors says.

Three Tibetan Monks Detained After Launching Solo Protests in Ngaba

The three Kirti monks, one still unidentified, staged protests on different days in Sichuan's Ngaba county.

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