North Korea

No relief for citizens who must either find 100 kg of feces a day or pay a fine.

Kim Jong Un’s New Years’ Address Seen As More Gambit Than Threat

North Korea watchers see no immediate change in Kim’s stance but warn status quo can’t hold without movement by Pyongyang.

Nearly 1,000 North Korean Defectors at Risk After Hackers Leak Their Personal Data

Information stolen from computer in South Korean resettlement center.

North Korea Acknowledges Agricultural Failures in Rare Admission

Regime's openness about shortcomings seen as departure from previous eras.

North Korean Military Officers Resort to Drug Running to Make Ends Meet

Authorities are failing to stop corruption in the KPA as officers struggle on low salaries.

HRNK Releases Report on Human Rights Denial at the Local Level in North Korea

Robert Collins report focuses on the suffering of ‘Ma and Pa Kim’

North Korea-China Trade Only Slows Under UN Sanctions

Minerals and seafood are smuggled out, while oil is smuggled in, sources on the border say.

North Koreans Cynical of Kim Jong Un-praising Propaganda Lectures

Lecture materials shower supreme leader with adulation, but attendees collectively roll their eyes.

North Korean Restaurants in Russia Struggle with Staff Shortages Caused by UN Sanctions

Freeze on working visas thins the numbers of North Korean musician-waitresses in Vladivostok

Russian Shipping Company Accused of Doing Business With North Korea Hard-Hit by US Sanctions

Gudzon Shipping in dire straits for its role in ship-to-ship oil transfers

Russian Port City Exits Lucrative Sanctions-Dodging North Korean Coal Trade

Once central to North Korea’s coal-laundering operations, international pressure forces Nakhodka to back off on illicit trade

North Korean Small Businesses Threatened by State-run Food Factories

At year’s end, provincial shops and restaurants struggle as local markets flooded with instant noodles

China Customs Installs New Truck-Scanning Tech at North Korean Border

New scanners will make it more difficult to smuggle illicit goods into North Korea

US Sanctions Strand Russian Ship in South Korean Port

Local oil companies refuse to refuel Sevastopol fearing secondary boycott

Retired North Korean Official Arrested for Criticizing Kim Jong Un

Turned in by friend after chiding Supreme Leader over drinks

North Korean-made Clot Buster Drug Sold Illegally in South Korea

Lumbrokinase from the North smuggled into ports in the South through China

North Koreans Increasingly Look For Work Abroad To Earn Higher Pay

Despite UN sanctions against labor exports, Pyongyang residents see economic opportunities in China, Russia

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